Instructor for two sections of “Church History I, one residential, one distance learning. Western Theological Seminary, Holland, MI. Fall 2014. See syllabi.

This course, required for first semester seminary students as the first in a two-part church history sequence, covers the history of the christian church beginning with the new testament era and ending with the reform efforts of Luther, Zwingli and the Anabaptists.

Instructor for “Oral English II” (freshmen), “Oral English IV” (sophomores), “Introduction to Western Culture” (sophomores), “English Language Film II” (juniors) and “Business English II” (Business School students). Yantai University, Yantai, China. Spring 2005.

Instructor for “Oral English I” (freshmen), “Oral English III” (sophomores), “English Language Film I” (juniors), “English Writing” (seniors) and “Business English I” (Business School students). Yantai University, China. Fall 2004.